Nail Treatments

Manicures, Pedicures, Nail Care and Luxury Nail Treatments for both hands and feet. Solace specialise in nail treatments in Weston-super-Mare.

Nail Polishing and filling requires reservation bookings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Solace Health and Beauty provide all amenities and basic cosmetics at the spa for all nail treatments. If you would like to alter your nail treatment products, please bring your own nail cosmetics.

We strongly recommend reserving a nail treatment service due to the popularity of our nail services.

At Solace Health and Beauty we always aim to exceed expectations with our nail treatments. Both manicures and pedicures require reservations for appointments.

Looking after your nails and cuticles, as we all know first appearances count. At Solace we offer a wide range of manicure and pedicure services, filing, polishing, luxury gels and high polish varnish. Our nail services include Standard and Luxury Nail Treatments in a private and relaxing environment. Our nail treatments are carefully processed to give you a perfect finish.

Nail Spa
Beautiful Nails

Hands & Feet




  • LUXURY PEDICURE (1 Hour 15 mins)


  • LUXURY PEDICURE With GEL (1 Hour 15 mins)


  • STANDARD PEDICURE With GEL (1 Hour 15 mins)








  • LUXURY MANICURE (1 Hour 15 mins)


  • STANDARD MANICURE With GEL (1 Hour 15 mins)


  • LUXURY MANICURE With GEL (1 Hour 30 mins)


  • FILE & POLISH (30 mins)


  • FILE & GEL (30 mins)


Solace Nail Salon


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